Below you will find audio and video from the Sonic Twist® release entitled “Dryads” The video for this composition was created by Michal Shapiro.

“Dryads” by Sonic Twist®

The spirits that inhabit trees awaken in the Sonic Twist® video “Dryads.” Opening with Bruce Arnold’s guitar shimmering like wind in the forest, the video finds dancer Hilary Brown (the Dryad) in her leafy home and emerging from its trunk. Vocalist Judi Silvano sounds the echoing calls of other Dryads to awaken. At first almost transparent, the Dryad becomes more corporeal as the video progresses, and the spirits rise into the treetops, where the sun in the high branches becomes hallucinatory and the Dryads celebrate. In a change of pace, guitarist Bruce Arnold and Singer Judi Silvano conjure a sudden gust of wind; dancer Hilary Brown is tossed about, but then, drawing strength from the leaves, the Dryad subdues the activity and sinks back into her tree form. “Dryads” is a haunting video with an animist heart.

Video for “Dryads,” from Sonic Twist’s® CD “Unity.”

Audio Only Track for “Dryads” by Sonic Twist®

Below is the audio only version of “Dryads” from the Sonic Twist® CD “Unity.”

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