“Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®

Sonic-Twist-Logo, Cloudwalking CD by Sonic Twist which is Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold

Muse Eek Publishing Inc. presents Sonic Twist’s® New CD Release “Cloudwalking.” A Gentle Ambient Electronic Excursions by Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold

Cloudwalking CD by Sonic Twist which is Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold
Sonic Twist’s Cloudwalking CD: Street Date 4/01/2019


Judi Silvano–Voice with Live Processing

Bruce Arnold–Guitar and SuperCollider

“This is some Beautiful Cosmic Music created by two of the most inventive musicians on the scene today.”

–Joe Lovano, 2016

“Brilliant. Love it; almost a Kraftwerk twist to it.”

–Rob Taylor nmblive.com, 2017


After the warm reception of their maiden voyage, Listen To This, (“This disc is the gem of the month!”…Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC) the duo of Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold present their second release of “composing in the moment” electronic music, “Cloudwalking”. While their first effort showed them exploring their musical connections, and reflected an all encompassing approach, “Cloudwalking” is a much more intentionally lyrical outing. It contains evocative electronic soundscapes and haunting melodies. It is atmospheric without being ambient.

All the tracks are completely “composing in the moment,” yet they all sound composed, with thematic arcs, repeating motifs and intuitive endings. This stems from both of the musicians having a long history of composition, and an affinity for the same music. There is an equal give and take throughout these tracks, with neither Judi nor Bruce dominating the direction. Videographer Michal Shapiro, who shot the sessions, remarks, “Bruce may start off with a chord, or a sound or even a melodic figure, and Judi listens, interacts, and then before you know it, they are creating a beautiful song. Or sometimes Judi just starts singing and Bruce jumps right on it. But it amazes me that they come out the other end with these deep, cohesive musical pieces.”

Cloudwalking CD by Sonic Twist which is Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold
Sonic Twist® is Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold

The two musicians only met a relatively short while ago. Both traveled in the same circles, and made music with the same musicians, but had never met. A chance recommendation from bass player Ratzo B. Harris connected them on a gig, and the rest followed naturally.

Judi may be best known for her extensive jazz catalogue (too extensive to list here) but in reality, she is a multi-faceted artist, having grown up with classical, pop and jazz music, and been trained as a classical singer. Her affinities for modern classical music are apparent throughout this album, most notably on the opening track “Ingenue” with its sweet, almost bel canto tones.

Bruce Arnold has been following two different paths for the past ten years: Exploring the potentials of 12-tone music and pitch class sets, and mastering the computer program SuperCollider, to create new and original electric sounds on guitar. On their first session, Bruce notes “I set up an array of pedals, each one programmed to process Judi’s voice in a different way. She assessed the possibilities and immediately started to savor each sound and use the effects creatively.”

The Tracks from Sonic Twist’s® “Cloudwalking”CD.

For the Cloudwalking CD Sonic Twist® picked “composing in the moment” pieces from the vast repertoire that were more ambient and optimistic in nature.


Ingenue from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Ingenue -2:53 – The most lyrical of the tracks, with both guitar and voice unprocessed.

River Crossing

River Crossing from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • River Crossing – 4:15 – The pulse of a river runs through this.

Golden Savanna

Golden Savanna from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.

Golden Savanna 3:41 – Sun-drenched plains, windless.


Skimming from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Skimming – 2:41 – A subdued interlude, for sitting quietly, watching dust motes.


Cloudwalking from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Cloudwalking – 2:47 – Airy, atmospheric textures. Judi is mercurial.


Shavings from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Shavings – 2:04- Solo guitar sounds of a subterranean gamelon


Meanderful from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Meanderful – 2:29 – Wandering in curving paths

Have and Hold

Have and Hold from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Have and Hold – 3:49- A languid rumination wherein Judi shows a bit more of her jazz chops.


Sparky from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Sparky – 1:44 – Solo Guitar – Bruce calls this “the stars at night.”

Journey Past

Journey Past from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • Journey Past – 5:57 – Looking back and the paths taken.

024 Alap

024 Alap from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.
  • 024 Alap 3:42– Solo guitar – Bruce’s guitar is sitar-like and reminiscent of the first section of a raga.

Back Country

Back Country Alap from the “Cloudwalking” CD by Sonic Twist®.

Back Country – 3:52- The sound of snow.

Sonic Twist® also has videos inspired by many of their “composing in the moment” pieces

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