Sonic Twist® Video “Listen To This” CD

Below you will find video from Sonic Twist® video from their CD “Listen To This.” Michal Shapiro created a My Neighborhood” using one of the compositions on this CD entitled “My Neighborhood.” This video was honored by the Photoworks Organization Of Glen Echo Park, Maryland, USA and included in one of their video shows. If you order the CD download of “Listen To This” a copy of this video will be included.

Sonic Twist® Video Output

Video output for Sonic Twist® has been enormous thanks to Michal Shapiro filming most recording sessions and live gigs. In many cases Sonic Twist® video was created in front of a green screen . This allows the video output to capture many moods and feelings of which the music contains. The videos in many cases also captures a feeling of “composing in the moment” for which the duo is well known for.

My Neighborhood from “Listen to This” CD.

My Neighborhood from “Listen to This” CD.

The brooding video of “My Neighborhood” is based on a composed art song by vocalist Judi Silvano, with “composing in the moment” instrumental accompaniment by Bruce Arnold (Together, the musicians are the duo of Sonic Twist®.) While Silvano’s song was initially an expression of appreciation for nature, Arnold’s choice of menacing sounds for the song pushed it into much darker territory. Videographer Michal Shapiro reacted to this by using scenes of natural beauty that gradually turn into scenes of pollution and man-made disasters, like the Exxon Valdez and BP Oil spills. This makes “My Neighborhood a cautionary tale of the degradation of our environment, so that the last line “give gratitude” is transformed into an ironic plea.

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