Sonic Twist’s® CD Releases


Sonic Twist CD Releases

lSonic Twist’s® CD Releases are made available by the Muse Eek Publishing Inc. Label. “Listen to This” was released in 2018 and “Cloudwalking” was released in 2019.

Both releases are a collection of “composing in the moment” pieces with a few exceptions on the “Listen to This” CD. You can listen to the CDs on this website and you can also watch many of the videos that Michal Shapiro created from documentation of many of our “composing in the moment” pieces.

We hope you enjoy listening and watching our artistic journey through sights and sounds.

We hope you will enjoy listening to Sonic Twist’s® CD Releases:


Cloudwalking is a collection of “composing in the moment” pieces personally chosen by Sonic Twist® that convey an uplifting and optimistic vibe. There are also many videos that Michal Shapiro has created by channeling her creative talents into a visual presentation.

Sonic Twist’s Cloudwalking CD: Street Date 4/01/2019

“What a beautiful collaboration of voice, guitar and electronics.  Thank you Judi and Bruce for the lovely journey!”

Jay Clayton – Singer, Composer, Educator


Listen To This

Listen-To-This-by-Sonic-Twist®-Sonic Twist's® CD Releases
Listen to This by Sonic Twist®

“This is some Beautiful Cosmic Music created by two of the most inventive musicians on the scene today.”

–Joe Lovano, 2016

“Brilliant. Love it; almost a Kraftwerk twist to it.”

–Rob Taylor, 2017


The intuitive understanding between musicians is called “chemistry” and Listen To This, with Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold has chemistry in abundance. The duets on this recording, some “compositions in the moment, some composed, show a duo who are intensely tuned into every nuance as they follow the sonic twists and turns of these 12 striking songs. This is some deep listening.

To learn more about Sonic Twist®, Judi Silvano andBruce Arnold please visit our About Us page.