Compression Expansion

Below you will find audio and video from the Sonic Twist® release entitled “Compression Expansion” The video for this composition was created by Michal Shapiro.

“Compression Expansion” by Sonic Twist®

“Compression Expansion” is an adventurous outing by Sonic Twist®, replete with processed sounds by both players. Bruce Arnold’s guitar starts off with a pensive motif (with sound “sprinkles”) and singer Judi Silvano responds with a slowly building motif enhanced by the Harmonizer effect that doubles her voice. As the piece progresses, Bruce Arnold uses more and more of the sounds produced by Jam Pedals’ Delay Llama. Judi Silvano explores the dynamics of ever widening feedback loops in both high and low registers. This gives Compression Expansion the feel of a journey through space, past stars, nebulas, and solar systems.

Sonic Twist® started expanding beyond video documentation when guitarist Bruce Arnold and vocalist Judi Silvano started working with a green screen, and “Compression Expansion” is one of their earliest experiments with it. The green screen added unlimited visual possibilities for interpretation of the music… however in this case videographer Michal Shapiro derived the visual behind the musicians from their physical movements, and not from the music itself.

Video for “Compression Expansion,” the 17th Track from Sonic Twist’s® CD “Unity.”

Audio Only Track for “Compression Expansion” by Sonic Twist®

Below is the audio only version of “Compression Expansion” from the Sonic Twist® CD “Unity.”

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