A Ha

Below you will find audio and video from the Sonic Twist® release entitled “A Ha.” The video for this composition was created by Michal Shapiro.

“A Ha” by Sonic Twist®

The music for “A Ha” came out of a series of early “composing in the moment” sessions at the Heard Instinct Studio by the duo Sonic Twist®. Vocalist Judi Silvano immediately reacted to the pulsating rhythm that guitarist Bruce Arnold set up at the beginning, with a vocal that seems to ripple like water over stones in a stream. Like many of Judi Silvano’s improvisations the music conjures up movement as she goes from one musical gesture to another, aided by an array of plug-ins, while Bruce Arnold inspires with SuperCollider generated sounds, and subtle rhythmic shifts that move the music always forward.

Video for “A Ha,” the 1st Track from Sonic Twist’s® CD “Unity.”

This “composing in the moment” piece was one of the first Sonic Twist® recorded in front of a green screen which adds endless visual possibilities to any video. While listening back to the take, editor Michal Shapiro and Sonic Twist® agreed that there was something reminiscent of a flowing current in the music. Rather than looking for footage of water however, Michal Shapiro decided to take a less literal approach, and used her own collage “Algae” as a backdrop and keyed it to the music’s transitions. The result is “A Ha” a refreshing and happy video!

Audio Only Track for “A Ha” by Sonic Twist®

Below is the audio only version of “A Ha” from the Sonic Twist® CD “Unity.”

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