Below you will find audio and video from the Sonic Twist® release entitled “Chrysalis” The video for this composition was created by Michal Shapiro.

“Chrysalis” by Sonic Twist®

Sonic Twist’s® instrumental video “Chrysalis” is a weird combination of science fiction and nature documentary imagery. It opens with Bruce Arnold using his guitar processing to chitter and tweet, evoking the instinctive struggles of something small to break out of its egg- or its shell. His guitar then adds mysterious, tremolo chords enforcing the sense of suspense and wonder. Sonic Twist’s ® videographer Michal Shapiro. brought the “Chrysalis” to life through a hand dance with visuals that can be interpreted as insectile, sub-marine or microscopic; case in point, the confounding survivalist nonpareil, the Tardigrade.

Video for “Chrysalis,” from Sonic Twist’s® CD “Unity.”

Audio Only Track for “Chrysalis” by Sonic Twist®

Below is the audio only version of “Chrysalis” from the Sonic Twist® CD “Unity.”

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